UV-Packer 1.1 for Blender

Oct 7, 2021

UV-Packer 1.1 for Blender released

Wiesbaden, 2021-10-07

UV-Packer new update is available for download. Based on your feedback, we have included a much requested option to pin (lock) the UV isles. 3d artists can now pin vertices/faces in the UV map to prevent their corresponding UV islands from being moved during the packing process. Just use the ‘pin’ option from the context menu.

#Blender UV-Packer 1.01.00 Changelog
– Support for Blender 3.0
– Support for UV pinning
– Improved hole detection to find and fill holes that were previously ignored
– Improved performance for multi-tile packing

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ZenUV Implementation
Thanks to the ZenUV Team, UV-Packer has been fully integrated in ZenUV Blender Addon. You can now utilize the UV features this great Addon and use UV-Packer directly in it.
Please check their App: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/zen-uv