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Free, optimal, automated - 'single-click' UV packing for 3D-artists.
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Tools for 3D Artists

Fast. Intuitive. Free.

Packer-IO is a free, fast and exact Stand-alone App for automatic packing of UV clusters. It is a one-click answer to the laborious work of sorting and compressing unwrapped polygons into UV sheets.

Packer-IO YouTube Features

Automate stupid work!

Automated workflow.

Packer-IO is geared to the needs of 3D artists, game studios, arch-viz, photogrammetry, industry and 3D product designers.

Packer-IO Viewport

Drag & Drop

Intuitive UV management.

Packer-IO revolutionizes UV channel management with an intuitive interface for easy creation, modification, and managing of UV channels and sets.

Packer-IO UV Channel Management App

Efficient & Effective

Quality and Quantity.

Packer-IO comes with unique, sophisticated methods of packing to maximally reduce off-cuts and eliminate unused UV space.

Packer-IO Exact Quality Packing

No Science PhD required

Sleek, modern UI & UX.

Following the Design-Thinking principles for interface design, Packer-IO is conceptualized to be a pure, practical solution. It features a thoughtfully conceived layout, a user-friendly interface, attractive visual design, and avoids unnecessary, over-bloated configurations.

Packer-IO User Interface and User Experience

Resolution independent

Compact, precise & fast.

The advantage of UV-Packer is the precise assessment of padding values.
The space between UV clusters is calculated correctly and exactly distributed over all charts, creating equal distances between all UV clusters without overlapping.

Packer-IO Efficient Packing

Plugins & Add-ons

Dedicated Plugins

For optimal UV packing, we offer dedicated plugins and addons powered by the UV-Packer Engine, compatible with Blender, Unreal Engine, and 3ds Max.

Designed for efficiency

Uncompromised performance & quality.

Packer-IO takes with single click on massive geometry structures
and turn them fast into optimaly packed UV results.

UV-Packer 3D Industrial Design Packing Solution for texture packing

Main advantages of Packer-IO

UV-Packer optimal for Photogrammetry fast and exact UV-packing

Optimized for contemporary design.

It is optimized for 2020+ workflow and market requirements: it can deal with extreme high-polygon assets and thousands of UV clusters with ease.

Rapid packing procedure.

We emphasize it: “It is fast!”
It is even faster then any alternative when it comes to packing million-polygon heavy scenes with thousand of UV clusters.

UV-Packer fast UV packing
UV-Packer minimal off-cuts

Minimal UV-space off-cuts.

The main objective is to solve the problem at the core of every 3D texturing workflow:
“How can I increase the quality of my textures instantly?”
It is all about minimizing waste on the UV sheet.
Packer-IO comes with a new, sophisticated method for optimal utilization of unused UV space.

Reliable and maintained

A decade long tradition of providing effective UV tools.

UV-Packer draws on over 10 years of experience in worldwide productions.
It has been stress-tested on millions of assets and polished in heavy production environments.

UV-Packer tradition and reliability Packing Solution for texture packing

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