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The next UV packing generation.
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Main adventages of UV-Packer Engine

UV-Packer minimal UV-space waste

Minimal UV area waste.

The first rule of determining a good UV packing is how much UV area was left uncovered.
The more space is wasted, the worse is the texture quality of the model.

UV-Packer comes with unique, sophisticated methods of packing to maximally reduce off-cuts and eliminate unused UV space.

No overlapping, exact padding.

The advantage of UV-Packer is the precise assessment of padding values.
The space between UV clusters is calculated correctly and exactly distributed over all charts, creating equal distances between all UV clusters.

UV-Packer avoids chart overlapping
UV-Packer fast UV packing


There are not many tools on the market that can compete with UV-Packer in terms of speed.
UV-Packer is unrivaled when it comes to packing thousands of clusters and millions of polygons.

This makes it an ideal choice for artists and developers in the current CG era, where massive geometries dictate the production value.

Cross-format, conversion app

Packer-IO is a swift application designed for previewing 3D objects and handling their import and export.

It supports most common 3D formats, including *.fbx, *.obj, *.dae, *.glb, *.gltf, *.ply, and *.stl.

UV-Packer one click UV-Packing
UV-Packer optimized for high poly models

Heavy lifting technology.

In five years, the key 3D technologies will be all about Photogrammetry, KitBashing, Zbrush, Quixel, Unreal Engine etc.
All of them share one common property:
A massive amount of UV clusters and millions of polygons.

Packer-IO has an absolute edge when it comes to dealing with this problem: it is conceptualized from scratch to lift heavy weights!

Multipacking, multithreading.

Packer-IO gives you the choice: pack each object individually or group them together in one UV sheet.
As such it can be used both for geometry exporting for texture painting or to optimize texture baking of multiple assets.

Packer-IO also benefits from the massive power delivered by the newest processors and distributes countless packing operations to all available computation units.

UV-Packer Multi Object packing and Multithreading
UV-Packer resolution independent

Resolution independent.

No matter if you work with a 256 pixel or 10000 pixel UV sheet, the unwrapping is equally fast.
Thanks to its newest technology, Packer-IO eliminates the incrementally longer packing times when increasing the UV space resolution.

Sleek UI & UX.

Following the Design-Thinking rules for interface design, Packer-IO is conceptualized to be a pure, practical solution. It comes with an conceived layout, user-friendly interface structure, templated options and no mumbo-jumbo, over-bloated configurations.
Packer-IO (ad. UV-Packer) was the first 3D app, back in 2008, to introduce a single click UV packing workflow.
We remain resolutely committed to good, clear and functional usage.

Packer-IO User Interface and User Experience
Packer-IO Settings


The eye eats too.

3D artists can configure the UV preview by choosing wire-frame, edged faces or solid uv space coverage. Depending on purpose, each color can be adjusted and stored in settings.

UV tiles support.

Blender, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance – each modern application supports uv space tiling.

Packer-IO comes with an easy-to-understand, automatic UV tiling support.

UV-Packer works with UV-Tiles
Packer-IO Docs

Comprehensive Documentation

Packer-IO is also an ideal analysis tool: it provides you with important information like the amount of uv clusters, the total packing time and the UV space usage.

If you want to learn more about UV packing, you can access the Online Docs here.

Support and maintainance.

3d-io has launched UV-Packer in 2008.
Since then, we have continuously maintained the software and supported all customers.
UV-Packer has been used in thousands of games, media and arch-viz designs.
Millions of assets were processed.

Packer-IO and UV-Packer 3 are the next generation step in our mission to digitize, optimize and automate 3D art creation processes.

UV-Packer avoids chart overlapping

Less is more

Less waste, less time.

UV-Packer UV Packing speed comparison