Epic awards UV-Packer with an Epic MegaGrant!

Aug 19, 2022

MagGrant for UV-Packer Epic MegaGrant!

UV-Packer 3 - Free. Fast. Accurate.

3d-io has been awarded with an Epic MegaGrant to bring the free, automatic and accurate UV packing plugin in Unreal Engine.

3d-io (www.3d-plugin.com), the creator of automatic tools for optimal UV mapping and texture baking, today announced that it has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. The MegaGrant will be used to advance the development and integration of UV-Packer (www.uv-packer.com) with Unreal Engine. The integration of UV-Packer into Unreal Engine is designed to remove UV errors from imported assets in Unreal Engine and helps artists to create alternative and optimal UV packing layouts for additional UV channels.

The main advantages of UV-Packer in the Unreal ecosystem:

No overlapping, Exact padding
It is of utmost importance for 3D artists to pack UV islands cleanly in order to avoid overlaps during the texture baking process.

Fast and optimal UV pack for supplemental UV-Channels
Once loaded in Unreal Engine, the objects can be re-packed in a second to support better UV texturing, light baking or additional calculations.

Avoid Re-Importing
It saves an immense amount of time: artists do not need to leave Unreal Engine, re-pack and reimport their assets!

Every 3D artist is able to obtain the plugin from the Epic Marketplace for free and use it for all their commercial and non-commercial projects.

About UV-Packer


What is UV-Packer?
UV-Packer is a free, fast and exact tool for automatic packing of UV clusters. It is a one-click answer to laborious work, overlapping errors and suboptimal UV-space usage.

Why UV-Packer?
Because UV packing and UV unwrapping are stupid, boring and error prone design processes. Some of the most common errors Unreal Engine artists experience are based on UV issues.

We have made a tool that takes a single click to quickly turn massive geometry structures into optimally packed UV results.

About 3d-io

We conceptualize, design, prototype and create digital tools for 3D creation.
With a combination of creative and coding expertise, we help 3D artists and studios across the world to translate strategic goals into unique designs and profitable applications.